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Afternoon naughty time Horsham


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It's always a delight to work with guests who really pull out all the stops for us. It was a pleasure meeting naughtu and talking to you - I hope it's not the last time. As the chairman enviously remarked — all that erudition and wit, and not a single note. The room looked lovely, the dinner was excellent and Lady Crabtree, our special guest, was naaughty fun, having everyone in hysterics. It is two weeks since Lady Crabtree's visit, and our members still haven't stopped talking about it! We were fascinated by by her showbusiness reminiscences.

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I loved you all!!

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Thank you! Everyone enjoyed the afternoon immensely. Please thank Lady Crabtree.

Again, many thanks for a lovely afternoon. We are blessed to have her presence in Eastbourne. In this regard my committee suggested that a bonus was called for and therefore please accept our cheque.

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So, if possible, could we book you I think they are still debating whether Lady Crabtree is genuine! I had many people coming up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed your talk and that it had started Christmas off on the right foot for them! We will definitely want you to come back! Lady Crabtree's musings amused and provoked thought.

Afternoon naughty time Horsham

For about 45 minutes we were wonderfully entertained by poems, cautionary tales and anecdotes. You really did have the audience eating out of your hand. Her seamless monologue was professional, intelligent tiime very quick.

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I must thank you most sincerely for the time you spent to put that together. I haven't laughed so much for a long time! It proved to be a real hoot, as the refined Constance, Lady Crabtree is actually author and broadcaster Paul James in his other guise - and his comedy routine produced an hour of almost non-stop laughter. That person should then think about there own safety and make a decision to isolate.

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We're booked up for events in Bexhill until the middle ofbut I hope that it will be possible to invite Her Ladyship in September to give her fime, "The Dowager Entertains". Working hard for our employees and customers.

I have also been asked if Her Ladyship would be happy to entertain us again in the future. Her latest talk is entitled, How to Grow Old Gracefully. We will certainly keep you in mind for future events and pass on our recommendations. So many nice comments from our members as they were leaving. Thank you so much - I absolutely basked in all the lovely comments from our members on their way out.

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Many members have been in contact to say how much they enjoyed the afternoon. The ladies had a wonderful time. Looking at life through your talk was certainly nostalgic and highly amusing. I was in the audience to see the performance and, since I had a pressing engagement immediately afterwards, I simply didn't have the time to pop backstage to distribute boxes of chocolates, exotic bouquets, hugs, kisses, etc. As I'm sure Lady Crabtree would agree, a good laugh keeps you young!

Many thanks once again.

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She enthralled everyone this time and so many members have asked me if she could come again to give us another of her talks? Along with your humour, you Horrsham gave us some very sound tips on how to deal with all sorts of situations in our lives. To have such professional entertainment at a church event was just extraordinary. I've heard lo of terrific comments from folk who were there last night. I have come home and researched you and my goodness you have been busy!

You were utterly believable and made us all warm to you by taking your audience seriously and affectionately, rather than just playing for laughs or being off-colour.

Afternoon naughty time Horsham

Thank you for helping to make our 50th Anniversary such a success. We look forward to your next visit in I am sorry that I didn't get time to say a personal hello and thanks, but I was beavering away backstage, but I did watch the whole performance and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although quite a few of the audience had seen and heard Her Ladyship before, I was informed that most if not all of the talk was fresh and new. Look forward to the next time - as I am sure there will be a return visit requested.

Thank you for including me in today's speech and for the photo opportunity. Thanks for great entertainment.

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I believe there will be a couple of contacts made for you to speak at other organisations. Your costume and jewellery Afternon so right and your attention to detail and grooming exemplary! This was a very amusing, informative and interesting topic and the Ladies Circle learnt quite a few tricks which they could follow in the years to come It was masterly!

I enjoyed your talk immensely They have finally done so. It was a great way to end what had been a very busy business meeting. Sharing your thoughts and memories made the day worthwhile all said with an impeccably posh finishing school accent!

Afternoon naughty time Horsham

Lady Crabtree looked immaculate in a powder blue Frank Usher suit. I have Swingers club winnipeg waiting for my committee to respond to my e-mail to book you again for next year! You looked so elegant, as usual. But I thought it was a great success and hope that the Under Ground Theatre will have the sense to make Music Hall a regular feature.

Amongst the comments I received as our Afternooj made ready to leave were "amazing" and "the best speaker ever"; which of course delighted our Committee. Everyone we have spoken to enjoyed it very much indeed.