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There are many woman out there who enjoy seeing there husband wearing panties or there boyfriend wearing panties or seeing other men wearing panties.

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It doesn't matter what type, but I am especially fond of thongs.

Men in panties chat

I love the feel of nylon, satin and silk on my body. Husbands wearing panties is fun panty wearing community for all guys wearing panties and couple wearing panties.

Men in panties chat

Thanks ib our personal ad area you can make your fantasies of meeting another guy wearing panties or a couple wearing panties a reality. I asked what else I could do that was feminine and fun.

She bought me panties and now I wear them all the time. Is it ok for men to wear panties?

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I tried them on and she was right. Women have exclusively had this luxury long enough.

Men in panties chat

She then suggested that I try womens panties. And I love being with girls that are turned on buy guys wearing panties.

Love wwearing and seeing men in panties

I don't get why men who wear panties are put down. Only wear men's underwear going to the doctor. I love the feel, the scent if taken or Mn from a girl and smoothness as they hug my balls and cock. Anyway we both enjoy wearing panties very much.

Men in panties chat

I have no desire to wear womens clothes in public or to try to pass as a women. I'm really finding it interesting how now so many men have begun wearing panties.

Men in panties chat

We are only talking about an article of clothing here right, but what a powerful difference it can make in peoples minds. Maybe your not married or do not have a girlfriend, thats fine, our site is a panty Breeding wife stories community for panyies men wearing panties. Guys dont give up, keep trying. My old cotton 'tightie-whities' did nothing for my wife; now she loves how sexy I look!

Husband wearing panties a place for men wearing panties

Many men wear panties to work, or out in public and you never know who might be wearing panties. She went and got me a pair of her cotton panties floral print she told me to try them because they are softer and more comfortable. I just like silky panties like a nylon, silk, or satin panties because feel so soft in my skin, also I love panties with sexy ruffled.

Do woman like men wearing panties?

But thats why I created husbands wearing panties, a place where guys wearing panties can come and enjoy a panty wearing community, interact with other men wearing panties, read stories from guys pannties panties and from couple wearing panties. How boring it must be to be a fashion conscious man. Will society fall because a man wears panties?

Men wearing panties - men wearing pantiesmen wearing panties

Should men not have more choices just as woman do. If you are into wearing panties, come in and enjoy our panty wearing community, Married and lonely in Chatryat wasting hours looking for pictures and movies of men in panties or couple in panties, when husbands wearing panties if filled cht men in panties and couples in panties that post new pictures, movies, stories on a regular basis.

I love the soft, silky, and the daring mesh types, I love seeing myself in them and love the rush it gives me, its a real turn on. Wish I could find a girl who would be accepting of this.

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I've found that the body by victoria selection at victoria secret fit the best. A less competent worker, a weaker partner. Shortly after i started wearing them i met my current girlfriend, they really seem to turn her on.

I dont wear panties to imagine Im a women, because Cbat know Im all man. Its simple most woman enjoy turning on there partner and seeing him excited and happy. You will really be amazed at how many men wear panties, and how many couple wear panties and the variety of backgrounds they come from. I feel really sexy when I have panties on.

Men in panties chat

My wife excepts me when i am wearing panties or pantyhose. It's time to share.

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What do woman think of guys wearing panties? I respect what she goes through to look good for me now.

Men in panties chat

Your wife or girlfriend will come around. I really think the choice should be there.

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Men wearing panties comment -- It's not fair that women get all of the fun choices when it comes to panties and lingerie! Thousands, if not millions of women every year have procedures like breast enlargement, and other cosmetic surgery to conform to the feminine ideal that is seen in magazines and on television, and men seem equally trapped in their masculine roles.

We are closer then ever now and I cant really describe how wonderful this experience has been.